About us

The ANGELINA ERF brand was created in 2011. Brand team, on the pre-organized production, according to the designer’s sketches, created the first collection of high-quality fabrics on modern European equipment.

ANGELINA ERF became the first in Krasnoyarsk to buy fabrics in the best textile production in Italy, who was not afraid to work in the middle-up segment.

Everyone who chooses the image of ANGELINA ERF appreciates the comfort, uniqueness and uniqueness of each image. The brand will claim your love, if the details are valuable for you: processing of closed seams, expensive accessories. Just the combination of these small things and high-quality fabrics give the image the very European chic.

In the same year, the ANGELINA ERF show room opens in Krasnoyarsk. Now, on 70 sq.m., in the historical center of the city, you can try on models from the latest collections, find the perfect look for any occasion and discuss tailoring to your standards.

In 2015, an important event for the brand took place: the AUTUMN / WINTER 2016 collection was shown. The partners were LEXUS, Desange, a number of glossy editions, billini group. The event was held at the European level.

Currently, in addition to clothing for women, under the brand produced clothing for children. The children's collection preserves the DNA of the ANGELINA ERF brand - quality, individuality, comfort remain the main ones.

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